Armchair Advice??? Covid-19 Free – Confidential one to one strategic business advice from Leith M&A and our professional partners – via Video Conference

Armchair advice???

Covid-19 Free – Confidential one to one strategic business advice – via Video Conference

As the world reacts to a new temporary reality, we understand that business owners do not have the luxury of reaching for a “pause button”. Inactivity may be the prescribed medicine for the broader population, but business and businesses must find a way to survive and adapt.

You may well be totally focused on survival or nursing your business through the next week, month or quarter and we wish you luck in your endeavours. However, as the pace of business slows; as activity levels in factories, warehouses and offices are scaled down, you may also find yourself with a rare opportunity to tackle a mothballed project, re-examine your future plans or rip up the ‘play book’ and start again.

As business advisors, we are always on hand to help you when you need us most and thanks to modern technology, ‘social distancing’ will not stand in our way. We can circumnavigate the challenges caused by Covid-19 using video conferencing and this means we can meet with you in your boardroom or ours, virtually at least, at a time of your choosing.

Meet with us from the comfort of your favourite armchair, your kitchen table, your office or any other venue at a time to suit you.

We are offering free of charge, one to one, confidential video conferences to discuss your business, the challenges you currently face and/or your future plans. Now may not be the right time to sell your company, acquire a competitor, move to bigger premises or make a big investment of any kind but, it’s definitely a good time to reflect upon the here and now and discuss the future.

We have teamed up with partner specialists including lawyers, accountants, finance brokers, tax advisors, insolvency practitioners, wealth & financial planners and business consultants so, all you need to do is get in touch, let us know what advice you are looking for and we’ll make sure your speaking to the right team members.

Contact us today to book your free, confidential video conference.


For further information please contact David Nelson via email at [email protected]
or call 01306 646 890 in the strictest of confidence.
Leith Mergers & Acquisitions is a family-run business based in Dorking, Surrey. We work with only a handful of clients at any given time, allowing us to provide a personal, proactive and intensive service. We pride ourselves on our ability to deeply understand your needs and motivations in order to secure the future you are aiming for.

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